gerardI am a professional musician with a love of teaching and an active performing musician. I believe that I’m better able to communicate real excitement and love for this art. My experience is an important aspect of the passion I try to instill in your child’s lesson.

In my lessons, I enjoy the challenge of finding a way to have the student understand something that is difficult for them, and aim for a personal connection with each individual.
Throughout my life I have found Music as an incredible way to express myself and have decided to pass on my ability to my students. Over the years, I have learned to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of each student in learning music.

I am a Music instructor with a concrete mission: Provide exceptional music education for young students while promoting their self-esteem and developing their musical abilities through an educational plan that takes into account their individuality I am an enthusiastic teacher and performer able to inspire and interact constructively with my students.

My Students

My students are as varied as the communities I serve; from children just beginning to explore music, to busy adult professionals who want to find some time for themselves to be creative and relax; from teenagers who want to play Ozzy Osborne to young adults who want to play Pop piano.