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My music lesson options are specifically designed to allow you to accomplish your current ambition through a variety of options. I accommodate students of all levels, ages, and goals, whether you aspire to continue professionally into music or simply want to learn to perform your favourite songs.

My flexibility fits any schedule, and my lessons can vary in length, frequency and time of day. Please note that as the time slots fill up, it becomes more difficult to book you in at your desired time – please register early to ensure a spot that best works for you.

Aside from your allotted lesson time, I also encourage students to practice their instrument at least half an hour every day.


Private Piano Lessons
30 to 60 min. private piano lesson

Let me know what your musical goals are and I’ll develop a program to suit your specific interests! Learn the basics of note reading, rhythm reading, and ear training, while also enhancing your fine motor skills and co-ordination. I’m well-versed in a variety of music styles including classical, jazz, blues, pop and rock. Join me in a playful exploration of the piano! This first piano experience is designed to be fun and age appropriate through a curriculum that includes hands-on keyboard activities, songs, movement, and musical games. Singing activities enhance the child’s sense of pitch, while movement activities develop the child’s inner rhythm. Beginner note reading and rhythm reading skills are introduced in the fun format of musical games and then transferred to the piano.

Guitar & Bass

Private Guitar Lessons
30 min. to 60 min. private lesson

Experience the joy of playing the guitar! I will tailor the lessons to your musical interests while covering the basics of guitar technique. Basics may include chording, strumming, picking, note reading, and ear training. For those experienced students, I’ll design a program suited to your specific goals.
Students must provide their own guitar.

I’m well-versed in a variety of musical genres, so please let me know what your musical interests are when you are registering.

It’s never too late to learn how to play or sing music and reap the benefits

I’ll show you that learning music need not be all hard work but rather an enjoyable journey. With my lessons you will experience a steady long term improvement with measurable results each week. We will utilize the precious free time you have to practice better and in a way that will have you learning more efficiently than with other instructors out there which in the end will save you money and give you the tools needed to keep progressing with your music for the rest of your life. With my customized music lessons in all styles you will learn to make the music you want, faster, easier, and at an affordable price.


Niche Instruments

Take the risk!  Study an instrument that most people don’t pursue. Learn something different, odd and unique and surprise yourself, your friends and family. You’ll learn to love any of these instruments I teach.


Bluegrass, Folk, Banjo,

Ethnic, Classical, Mandolin,

Hawaiian, Pop, Jazz, Ukulele,

Blues, Pop, Harmonica,

Classical , Pop, Ethnic Accordion